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Wanting feedback from TENS users

I am a university student looking at making a TENS machine. The machine I will be making is a belt wrapped around the waist and pads attached to the belt to be freely placed on the body. I have some questions that would help with the design process, any answers would be greatly appreciated and helpful.
When using a TENS machine where did you place the display screen when sitting down and walking?
Did you ever find the placement of the display screen a nuisance and if so why?
How comfortable did you find the pads and wires connecting the pads when in use?
Are there any comments you would like to make about a TENS machine worn like a belt?
Are there any additional comments you would like to make?

  1. I would be very interested in this especially if you have the cost was kept down. I had tried a walkaide years ago that was very effective but they told me as years went on it wouldn't be as effective I'd have to keep increasing it. There's also a device that helps with hip flexion and I am interested in but it looks like you would have to wear outside of your clothing unless you wore very bulky pants. My husband made me one similar to it but we could not find anything to put on my waist to attach the band's to that was effective and not constantly pulling down. We used a resistance band to put around my leg and applied tension so it was easier to lift my knee. I think you had a good idea

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