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I'm planning on retiring to Waco, Texas.Now I live in cold, snowy Chicago. I'm concerned about the Waco humidity. Is it huge problem that can't be mitigated? I can't escape the big increase in spasticity in Chicago's cold by staying inside! Any experiences with high humidity areas would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Hi Tim! Hoping that a community member can reach out with any personal experience, but I did want to share that many of our members are not affected by heat/humidity, but cold does! We're sorry to hear that your spasticity is so bad in the coldness of Chicago. I actually visited Waco last year and it was a blast! We wish you a happy retirement, and hope the transition goes smoothly.
    Best - Meagan, Team Member

    1. Heat and humidity adversely affect me. Temps above 72F is sufficient cause for retreat to cooler environs. Texas? Very hot, quite humid. Consider states north, south, and west of Colorado for the high and dry climate. Any thing east of the aforementioned states will be hot and humid. I'm biased, always lived in the west and Alaska.

  2. As someone who has lived in Florida my entire life, over fifty years, I can tell you the only true escape from humidity is a good air conditioner. Of course, dressing in cool,cotton or other breathable fabrics. Heat is not my problem, well at least for whatever reason of late, if I get cold (Florida’s version say 40-50) degree plus if it’s rainy and overcast, I hurt I ache and I’m usually (used to be) the in my shorts and tank top,or t-shirt when others were freezing, now I’m the one freezing, very unlike me and hard for me to deal with, so I stay inside bundle up, curl up and hibernate until it gets warm again. Good luck.

    1. I think you're right, vikkr! Sometimes, nothing beats an air conditioner for keeping the heat and humidity at bay. Best, Erin, Team Member.

  3. Since my last reply I just completed IMRT radiation treatment
    for recurrent prostate cancer. One obnoxious side effect are hot
    flashes as hot as the surface of the sun. Regardless of inside or outside temps I'm about to self immolate to a crisp. Thank goodness this is occurring during the winter season when relief is just a matter of going outdoors for a while to cool off. Naturally, once I am cool I am cold and back indoors I retreat to the warmth of a cozy cave. Summers are warm and briefly hot. A/C to the rescue!

    1. I am sorry you are dealing with hot flashes now, sevensix! I hope your treatment was successful, but I am sorry you are now stuck with this annoying side effect. I hope the winter keeps you cool and happy and that your A/C is ready for the summer heat! Best, Erin, Team Member.

  4. Heat does affect me. It seems that it will still affect me even if inside in a/c. I have to set thermostat lower than I like it seems, affected even if not low enough. I would prefer 74 or 75, but have to do 70 or lower. Does this make sense?

    1. Hey there @cubbers1!
      You aren't alone - and yes, that makes sense! Many people with MS need it to be cooler to help alleviate their symptoms of MS. We are glad that lowering your AC temp helps!
      Meagan, Team Member

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