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Weather Related Malaise

Have you woke up in the morning with a general feeling of malaise then looked out the window to see the start of a storm? Achey, mild headache, body pain, dizziness, and stiffness. Then stumble through the day and instantly as if re-cranked all unwanted feelings gone. You look outside to see a bit of sunshine or the storm has moved away. Affected so dramatically by a brewing storm? I understand those with arthritis feeling a storm coming, could this also be with MS?

  1. Hi Azjackie,
    Although I haven't experienced this to the degree you describe, I do know that some people can be very sensitive to changes in barometric pressure. It might not be related to MS, but does sound unpleasant. Hopefully the skies stay clear for long periods of time.

    1. Good?! I thought I was going a little crazy. This disease takes a lot from us but I want to insure its not my sanity. A bummer because I love to watch it rain and snow. I live in a high desert community so either are nice.

      This will totally sound weird but my family and boyfriend have noticed, lightening is drawn to me. Pre-MS I was running to the garage to watch a storm with my Father and Brother, lightening cracked within 20 feet, my Father and Brother screaming at me to run faster.

      Then watching a storm inside through the front window with my boyfriend lightening strikes my house. The cable company shows us the fried connection.

      Then storming I open my back door to pick up a piece of garbage blown by the wind onto the porch, lightening strikes. Forget the garbage.

      I normally wouldn't think twice about all this but my Father's cousin was struck and killed by lightening before I was born. Now I have a problem with barometric pressure. Kookie!

      1. Wow, that's really interesting about the lightning...and frightening. I'm like you about the storms though, they are great to watch. I grew up in Oklahoma where storm watching is a fabulous pastime. Living in the East Coast now, I kinda miss the big skies and impressive storm clouds of Oklahoma.


    2. Wowzywowzywuzbee!!!! I have finally put this connection together. I live in Minnesota ( original California)but I started realizing that the barometric pressures and rapidly changing in year around has a major major impact in my symptoms. I have been documenting it and I finally got my NUERO nurse practitioner somewhat agree with I have had a exacerbation for the past 7 years in the month of October!!!?? I do believe I will be moving soon

      1. Barometric pressure plays hell on my pain and spasticity. As a resident of the Alabama gulf coast I thought that the hot, humid summers would be the worst when I was diagnosed 5 years ago. Boy was I wrong. As long as I don't get too hot, summers are very manageable. In the winter it's very common to have the air conditioner and the heater running on the same day. The weather is schizophrenic but thankfully my Neurologist is understanding. I usually start hurting and spazzing the day before the pressure changes. That lasts for a day or two until my body adjusts and then lo and behold, the weather changes on the third day. This vicious cycle usually lasts from November to March/ April. Pre MS I loved the weather here, now it just feels like God has a twisted sense of humor. At least alcohol is a staple at all holiday gatherings.
        I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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