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What is this feeling (the throbbing heart beats running in my backbone)

The what is this factor? Does anyone have this when you change sitting positions,or lay down from sitting?

  1. That is an usual symptom, . Has your doctor been of any help? Does it actually feel like an echo of your heartbeat or could it be tremors? Some people experience pulsate tinnitus, where if feels like a heart beat in the ear canal. I get that sometimes and it drives me insane! (I don't have MS, though my father did.) I wonder whether it might be something similar expressing itself in your spine. Here is an article about tinnitus from one of our advocates that you might find interesting: I hope you get some helpful responses from the community. Thinking of you! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hi Carla, I wanted to let you know that we posted this forum on our Facebook page and received a few responses from it that you might want to check out. You can view them here: How have you been feeling lately? 🧡

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