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What is this? Unsure where to go?

I’m a 28 year old female. The last few months, I’ve been having trouble walking. This trouble walking stems from my left leg, I think. My knee barely bends, leg swings out to the side in a circular motion, and there’s a foot drop. I trip a lot because of it, and can’t walk the distances I used to be able to. I can barely even walk down the street or in a large store. I saw an orthopedic specialist who was concerned about MS. He referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist does not think I have MS. In fact, she has never seen a walk like mine before. She seemed utterly confused. I'm doing a brain MRI, and if that doesn't show anything, a nerve conduction study.

I was actually a little displeased with the neurologist I saw, however, as she had some inconsistencies with other doctors. For example, she said I had no weakness in my left leg, while the orthopedic doctor definitely detected weakness. I did notice that the orthopedic doctor put more pressure on my legs, while the neurologist put next to none. She also, unlike the orthopedic doctor, did not have me walk in the hall. She seemed less attentive in terms of my walk, other than saying, "I' never seen anything like that" just from seeing a very vague walk in a small room. She seemed far more concerned about recent headaches, which have since gone away. So I'm not really sure what to think.

I've posted on a few communities that are more general, and have gotten no replies. So I thought I'd' post here.

Other weird, maybe related things:

My fist clenches when I type on my right hand, and I can only type with two fingers. That has gone on for a couple years. The walk, which does also seem to involve muscles tensing as well, affects my left leg and has only gone on a few months.

I'm not only baffled, but I'm frustrated. I don't know what's wrong. Thoughts?

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