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What kind of speech issues do you have?

I haven’t been diagnosed yet with MS but my family doctor suspects that is what I have. I’m seeing another specialist on the 19th that will hopefully help get me diagnosed. One of my symptoms and issues is with the my speech. A lot of the times I wake up and can sense a difference. When I try to talk, I'm not able to get anything out at all even though I can think it clearly. Within the last two months it has happened quite a bit and will last days at time. Also, in the past month my right side of my face being tight/swollen, drawn in when trying to talk, which sounds like maybe bell’s palsy. Does anyone have either of these symptoms/issues?

  1. Hi dlcornett!
    Thank you so much for commenting! Here is some information regarding therapy for speech problems;
    With the side of your face drooping, was this a sudden thing? We certainly want you to reach out to your physician/health team as this could be something very serious!
    Best - Meagan, Team Member

    1. I say something. It comes out wrong. All the time. I also drop food and miss my mouth when I drink. Sometimes I studer

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