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What's your cog fog experience?

I have stopped neurotin a week ago due to side effects, but only took it for 4 weeks.

  1. The only thing I have used for years is provigil and then I started on the generic modafinil. It was kinda expensive(about $8 a pill and now with the generic it is more affordable. I first told my dr. that I felt sleepy even when I had a full nites sleep. He asked me what I would do for it and I said Red Bull and he told me to try provigil and it helps. Cognition was the final thing that was problematic and I finally went to the doctor. They tested for all types of things and finally gave me an MRI....MS. I have had it since 97, went on disability in 2005,was on Betaseron until my dr. took me off of it in 2017. I was 47 when diagnosed and 68 now

    1. Not great! When i read something 5 minutes later i forgot

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