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Will my mobility come back?

I was diagnosed with relapsing MS one year ago by the Department of Veteran affairs. I experience several systems that come and go after a couple of days. I recently lost eyesight (left eye) and weakness left side of my body. Eyesight came back but not left side mobility. Muscles of my left foot, making it hard to walk in a normal heel-toe pattern. As a result, my foot drags on the ground when I walk. Question: Will my mobility come back? Unfortunately, it has been very difficult to receive medical care with Veteran Health Administration. My assigned VA doctor is very busy and is unable to assist me with my question. So I am reaching out to the public for assistance.

  1. Hi EvanMS,
    Thank you for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with your mobility returning. In addition to speaking with your doctor about it, the return of your strength and mobility will depend on the amount of damage that was done to the nerves. Have you considered physical therapy to assist your mobility return? I have provide some links here for you with information that may better answer your question:,, and I hope this is helpful! Keep us updated with how you're doing if you'd like!
    Best wishes,
    Christina, Team

    1. Thank you for your response, very helpful. Unfortunately, my assigned VA physician is required to see 7 veteran patients a day and (what was told to me) does not have the time to answer my questions. Good news, I am authorized to see him 1 time per year, which will be in 2018.

  2. We are glad that you will be able to see him next year, EvanMS. It's quite unfortunate that you have to wait so long, though. Make sure you write everything down and have all your questions for him when you go, so you can make the most of your visit!
    Best - Meagan, Team Member

    1. EvanMS,
      I'm a veteran too and was dx'd while still AD. Question, where do you live that it is so difficult to get a VA doc to see you? If you are closer to a VA hopsital, try seeing a neurologist. I see mine in Salt Lake City twice a year for my MRIs and health visit. I have never had any issues seeing that clinic or being told the concerns you mentioned. There is an outpatient clinic in my town and I never have problems getting an appt with my VA doc for general issues or concerns. Try looking for a VA hopstial close to you, find a neurologist that is a subject matter expert (SME) on MS and plug away. Good luck. So sorry to hear you are having such troubles with VA care...ped

      1. Thanks for sharing. I heard Arizona has good VA hospitals, may relocate.

    2. Real deep knowledge in MS and understanding can only MS victims understand.
      So Sorry for you to have to wait untill 2018 for medical treatment.
      It is a non return situation and belive me Copacson, Gilenia, Rebif will not improve MS situation.
      Try to switch to healthy food treat your Candida, and follow a vegetrian organic diet.

      1. Hi Lama,
        I hear you, looking into a healthier diet. Hoping weakness (left side body) comes back. Evan

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