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Worried sick :(

Hi everyone,

I'm starting this thread because I don't know where else to turn. I'm really worried I might have ms but have not been diagnosed.

A few months ago I started having a weird goosebump/crawling sensation on my scalp - it only happened a few times over one day, and then went away completely so I didn't think anything of it. A few weeks later I noticed a tingling sensation on the back of my legs while standing in line one day, but again it went away for weeks after and I didn't think anything of it.

About a month ago, the scalp tingling came back, though I've only had it a couple of times since. However, my legs have been the biggest concern, as for the past 3-4 weeks, I've experienced:

- tingling on both of my legs, though definitely more on the left side. Sometimes it's a tingly/prickly feeling, sometimes more like the feelings of goosebumps, but never completely numb.

- In the last week or so it's been more on my left foot, and it's a mix of a tingly/prickly/buzzy feeling and a mild dull ache/cramp. In the last couple of days it's been an all day long kind of thing, though it does seem to feel a bit better when I'm walking, and worse when I'm still.

- Sharp upper back pain, more on my left side (between the neck and shoulder). Have gone to an RMT which helped and went to a chiropractor yesterday - the pain has greatly improved since the chiro visit, but the leg/foot tingling has persisted.

- I have noticed my vision seeming a bit worse/blurry, from a distance. I had lasik done years ago, and made an appointment with my eye doctor. He said I am showing no indication of optic neuritis which was my concern, and said I have dry eye, which is causing the mild blurriness. He gave me special eye drops which have seemed to help when I use them.

- I did notice a mild tingling on my left hand once or twice on days when the back pain was really bad, but nothing too noticeable.

- No other pain, dizziness, headaches, bladder changes, sleep changes or anything else I've been able to notice.

The foot/legs tingling (and the scalp thing) has me seriously concerned about MS, to the point that researching MS in the past month has basically become my life every day. It's impacting my every day life because it's ALL I can think about. I did go to the hospital one day and he ran some basic tests and said he wasn't concerned, but referred me to a neuro to give me peace of mind - the neuro appt is in 2 months and if he decides to give me an MRI I'll probably have to wait even longer (I'm in Canada and the wait list for MRIs here is insane - out of pocket would cost me several hundred dollars).

I'm so scared and don't think I can live with this anxiety for the next several months. Prior to the past few months, I have never had any symptoms like this before (except for the upper back pain which I've always had on and off due to poor posture - but never had any body tingling).

I'm so concerned that even though I've felt the tingling and goosebumps on both legs, it definitely seems more prevalent on the left leg and left foot and I know MS usually manifests first on one side of the body.

I'm so so scared and unsure of how to live the next several months of my life until I'm able to get an MRI - I might just bite the bullet and pay for a private scan.

Is there any way I can differentiate the type of tingling/prickling that happens with MS vs with other diseases?

  1. Hi , thank you for your post. I can imagine this must feel so scary and stressful, and I commend you for reaching out for support from others online. We cannot give medical advice for your own safety, but I'm glad to hear you've reached out to a doctor and are getting an MRI. The symptoms you listed can be common with MS, but MS is difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are similar to others conditions as well. Here is a list of conditions physicians will want to rule out when searching for and MS diagnosis: You may want to make sure your doctor has ruled these out as you wait for your MRI.

    Here are the diagnostic tools your doctor will use to determine an MS diagnosis, in case you don't already have that information:

    I do hope you get some clear cut answers AND some feedback from our community members as well. We're here for you as you go through this - you are not alone! Warmest regards, Shelby, Team Member

    1. In reading through your description of your symptoms and your fears, it struck me that within your statements are some re-assurances you may be over-looking-- the doctor stated he was not overly concerned. While you have a variety of symptoms, they are not all consistently pointing to MS and can be representative of any number of situations; some of which may not even be disease related but could be mechanical. It's difficult when you are afraid not to assume the worst, but it's honestly too soon to go there. The chances at present are just as good that it's not MS as that it is. Donna Steiglededer moderator.

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