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Yeah, Covid AGAIN

I am wondering if others have problems since getting Covid. I have had Covid three times and I am doctoring with a pulmonologist because I have lung issues. Never had asthma or breathing problems before. I’m so tired of not feeling well. It’s enough to have to deal with MS. So tired of it all…

  1. My heart goes out to you, . You have a lot to contend with. Did the lung issues begin with this last bout or have you had them since your first battle with COVID? We haven't heard from many people who have MS and long-haul COVID as far as I know, but researchers say people with MS are at higher risk. Here is an article from one of our advocates about the "new normal" for people with MS and long-haul COVID: I hope your lung issues are resolved and that you do not have long-term issues. Has the pulmonologist given you any assessment yet? I hope you hear from others in the community. Keep us posted if you are comfortable sharing. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. , I am so sorry you are dealing with repeated bouts of Covid and long haul covid issues. I know it doesn't seem fair sometimes when it feels like your health is constantly under attack. I thought we had a couple of Covid long haulers here and I hope they see your comment and reply here.

      Again, I am sorry. If words could heal, well, I would wish you perfect health (wouldn't that be nice!). But, please know we are thinking of you and if you're interested, there are some support programs for people dealing with issues like yours, in regards to Covid. The one I am linking is based in the UK, but I know there are others out there, including a Facebook group.

      I know feeling ill all the time is and its emotionally and physically exhausting.

      Please hang in there and I hope you see some positive changes very soon!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. So sorry you are going through this. As if it weren't enough to have MS then Covid comes. To answer your question. I had a bit of long term covid. My husband and I both had covid at the same time. I called the doctor to get a prescription for him but wasn't sure how it would effect me so I skipped the Pfizer pills. He seemed to be ok in about 2 weeks. We were both super tired even after the chills and fever went away. He was done with his symptoms but for me I started wheezing and knew I needed to go to urgent care for a shot of steroids. My oxygen level was lower than normal so they gave me a COPD inhaler to use and said morning and night use this for 2 weeks. It helped a lot. 5 days worth of oral steroids and lots of water and decaf beverages kept things loose. Thank goodness after 2 weeks my breathing improved and I got better slowly. It took a while. I think that because I am not on any MS meds my immune system was able to fight it and am thankful that it doesn't seem to be long term damage. Good luck to you. Covid is horrible and even after the 3 vaccines getting it was a surprise to say the least. Take care and hope that the symptoms get better have heard it can be months for some. If you are on DMT's you might ask your doc if for a short period you can get off because your immune system does get suppressed.

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