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A 3D tech blueprint of a house on top of a electronic disk. There are square apps with different commands.

Assistive Technology Improves the Lives of People with MS

Who’s old enough to remember the Saturday morning cartoon The Jetsons?

For you youngsters, The Jetsons depicted a future world where humans are no smarter, but everything around us from our houses to our modes of transportation are.

Has the future arrived?

Sort of. And, for those of us living with disabilities, it’s here just in time.

Smart home devices are a type of assistive technology, or AT. As an engineer, I have the skills to work with all sorts of AT. As a person with a significant disability, I have the need. For me, creating a smart home is both life-enhancing and good clean fun.

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I’ve put together a video with a mere sampling of the technology I employ in my home. Enjoy.

Technology in the home


Exploring assistive technology

I wish I could help everyone set up their smart home, but of course, I can’t. Today, however, there are resources to assist people with disabilities as they explore assistive technology. In my state, we have an organization called Maine CITE, which is a great place to start your AT journey. I bet your region has something similar.

Talk to experts about funding opportunities

These enhancements can be expensive. But, again, talk to the experts in your part of the world about both the technology and funding opportunities. Prioritize the AT that will make the most significant difference in your life, and start there.

Good luck!

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