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MS Comic: Commercial Ads

Multiple sclerosis treatment commercials. We've all seen them. In addition to their standard language and repetitive phrases, they just can't seem to depict MS for what it truly is. A chronic condition that impacts all areas of life - more than just muscle weakness and balance issues.

MS is a serious chronic, progressive disease that can vary in intensity from mild to severely disabling. For some people, symptoms of MS pose only an inconvenience and do not get in the way of leading an active and productive life. For other people whose MS is more severe, symptoms can interfere with one’s ability to move, see, think, swallow, talk, or feel.

Brooke depicts the true reality of MS in her latest comic.

Image text reads: what an MS medication commercial shows you
Woman looking forward to a path in front of her. Text reads:the path ahead will be brighter
Image of a family. Text reads: Now a family minus MS
 Woman with her arm above her head Text reads:The silver lining is finally here
Text reads: VS the people that actually take these drugs.
woman with an active ms flare. Text reads: Im just taking it day by day

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