MS Comic: FOMO

FOMO stands for fear of missing out. FOMO can trigger emotions like loneliness or guilt for anyone. But for someone with multiple sclerosis and chronic pain, it can quickly become a doubly painful situation. Either it makes you feel lonely, or it pushes you to go beyond your healthy boundaries.

It's a tricky balance. Always check in with yourself by bringing it back to your body's pain points and limitations. Never let the guilt or fear be bigger than your body's needs. If you choose to say yes, be thankful for the extent of your body and the mental lift of the emotional toll.

Brooke light-heartedly demonstrates in the comic below risking an MS flare to have some fun and avoid the dreaded FOMO.

Two women having a conversation. Text Reads: Im going to this party.
Two women having a conversation. Text Reads: is it really worth it?
Two women clinking glasses. Text Reads: Cheers!
Two women sining karaoke with music notes in the background. Text reads: do you believe in life...
Women dancing with music notes in the background.
women laying in bed Text Reads: so was it worth your MS acting up?
Woman holding a phone with an Image from social media. Text Reads: Yes! But only once in a blue moon!

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