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MS Comic: Injectables

Treatments for multiple sclerosis vary in their delivery methods. Medications can be given intravenously in infusion centers, some medications are simply a pill and some medication treatments need to be self-administered with an injection.

Injection anxiety along with shot and needle fatigue are not uncommon feelings as those with MS navigate their treatment journey. What's important is that you find what works for you as you prioritize your health. Brooke shares her own coping techniques below.

Woman with tears falling, Text says when I tarted my first injectable medication I was a mess Every-part of the process made me ore upset.
Woman with injectable hovering over her thigh. Texts reads:I would sit there for hours unable to push the pen into my leg and making myself more upset with each passing minute.
Closer view of the injection needle text reads: the anxiety around the process
Image of needle close to skin. text reads: NEVER
needle pressing into thigh. Text reads: got any better...
woman now grinning. text reads: Until
Woman now pulling needle out of thigh. Text reads: I figured out which part of the process was causing me the panic
Woman sitting on the floor now with headphones on.Text reads: and fixed it

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