Steroids Comic

MS Comic: Steroids

Steroids, also known as corticosteroids can be used to treat relapses in MS. The intention? Shorten the flare-up so you can get back on track sooner.

All of that said, these medications are generally reserved for severe flare-ups that interfere with one's ability to function - there is no expectation or research that steroids provide long-term benefits or change the course of disease progression.

Just as MS varies so much from one person to another, so does steroid treatment. It’s not possible to predict how well it’ll help you recover or how long it’ll take. But what about our resident MS comic, Brooke's experience? She depicts her own experience in the delightful comic below.

Steroids comic 1
Steroids comic 2
Steroids comic 3
Steroids comic 4
Steroids comic 5
Steroids comic 6

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