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MS Comic: Going to a Support Group

In Brooke’s comic below, she is attending a support group for people with MS and listening to stories from people sharing how their symptoms have impacted their lives. She expresses fear about feeling like she doesn’t belong because her month wasn’t too bad but decides to share her update anyway!

Support Group Comic 1
Support Group Comic 2
Support Group Comic 3
Support Group Comic 4
Support Group Comic 5
Support Group Comic 6
Support Group Comic 7
Support Group Comic 8
Support Group Comic 9
Support Group Comic 10
Support Group Comic 11

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  • collena
    3 months ago

    Last week I purposely spilled water on the cat so he wouldn’t trip me (seemed fair at the time).

  • Janus Galante moderator
    3 months ago

    It’s ironic that you should mention this colleena, i definitely can relate!
    Yesterday at the vet’s office, there was a huge “office cat” that I was completely unaware of, that kept weaving herself in and out of my legs while I was TRYING to walk!
    She would not leave me alone. I was at a total loss as to what to do as the office staff was absent.
    Thanks for your timely comment! Janus

  • Janus Galante moderator
    3 months ago

    Hi Brooke,
    I would just love if there WAS a physical support group near me. Hmmmm? Maybe I’ll have to think about that one!?

    So happy you had a decent month!

  • Brooke Pelczynski author
    3 months ago

    Haha thank you so much!

    I found on through the MS society!!

  • Anonymouse
    3 months ago

    Glad you had a pretty good week, Brooke! As always, it is great to see your cartoons.
    Cat: “I need a support group for cats.”

  • Brooke Pelczynski author
    3 months ago

    My poor cat gets the brunt of my MS issues

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