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With MS, I Appreciate the Convenience Of Convenience

I’ve never been one to turn a blind eye to practices that were beneficial in helping me to efficiently care for myself and manage my life. Practicality, ease, comfort, and convenience have all shared roles in my daily life in some way or another.

Finding something practical

For example, in the evening, I used to prepare for the following day by having me and the children’s outfits out, lunches pre-packed, purse and backpacks by the door, etc., as that was practical. I used an electric can opener instead of putting the ‘work’ in using a manual one for ease. My preference for watching movies lounging at home instead of the theater was for my comfort. And it was convenience that prompted me to switch my pharmacy to its location that had added a drive-thru window.

And now I find my life as an MS ‘diagnos-ee’ viewing businesses and services that promote practicality, ease, comfort, and convenience.

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Getting care from home

With my mobility and fatigue challenges, it makes it difficult for me to get out of the house. By the time I’m finally ready to even leave to get to my destination, I’m spent, wiped out. That’s no fun.

So how convenient that I am able to do some things right from the comfort of my trusty blue lift chair! Here’s one: I have accessibility to medical services from the comfort of my home.

Shout-outs to all, because not only do I trust their medical care, they’re friendly, thoughtful, and accommodating. There's my primary care physician and podiatrist who both make home visits. And I can make telehealth visits for check-ins with my neurologist. My therapy is in-home.

There is a mobile lab that sends the friendliest phlebotomists to collect any lab work my doctors order. Additionally, when I once needed an ultrasound, much to my pleasant surprise, I learned of a diagnostic mobile facility, and I even received my COVID vaccinations at home.

Having things delivered

Here’s another: Time for grocery shopping? Household supplies needed? Personal care items running low? Not feeling well and need over-the-counter pain relief? These needs can be filled with delivery services such as Instacart, DoorDash, Amazon Prime, or Walmart delivery. I don’t have to ask anyone to pick up this or that if I don’t choose to. I can simply browse, shop, pay, and await my order to be delivered to my front door.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my mobile hair stylist that comes here to keep my hair cut just the way I like it. That's without my having to get there just to struggle into and out of the salon chair.

What I appreciate

To be clear, the effects from MS have perpetuated me being pretty much homebound, although it has not made me a homebody. I really do like to get out of the house. It’s just a lot for me.

The physical limitations I have due to MS have made practicality, ease, comfort, and convenience not ‘just’ a part of my life, but a ‘needed’ part of my life. So not only do I appreciate the various services available to help along this challenging journey, I very much appreciate the convenience of convenience.

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