David and Goliath

David and Goliath

A biblical story that I learned as I grew up was the story of David and Goliath. In this story, the Philistine and Israelites were going to war. Everyday, Goliath, a giant over 9 ft. tall, would taunt and ridicule the Israelites. One day, teen-aged David was sent by his father, Jesse, to go down to the battlefield to check on his older brothers. As he approached, he witnessed Goliath up to his daily shenanigans and asked who was he. Knowing the Israelites feared Goliath, David persuaded the king, King Saul, to allow him to fight the giant. Donned only in his regular clothing as opposed to the traditional battle gear and armed only with his stones and slingshot, David defeated the Giant by bringing him down with a stone to the forehead and while down, David uses Goliath's own sword to kill him.

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Having perspective

Kudos to David... He didn't let Goliath intimidate him and he wasn't fearful because he looked at the giant from a different perspective than the others. The size, ridiculing and taunting from Goliath was all that the Israelites could see and that pretty much defeated them from the start. However, David was bold and through all of it, perceived Goliath as merely a mortal man being unruly and defying God. Having this perspective allowed David to tackle and defeat the giant.

We all encounter a ‘Goliath’

At some juncture, we all encounter a ‘Goliath’ in our lives albeit financial, health, bereavement, etc. Regarding adversity in no other way but as giant problems and impossible situations. Essentially, giving in to the troubles hinders self growth in my opinion. With a change of perception, we can often see more clearly and we can fight more effectively.

Defeat has never been an option

Personally, my Goliath happens to be Multiple Sclerosis, but defeat has never been an option. I am an overcomer! Like David, I gather my stones (faith, positive outlook, optimism, coping skills) and slingshot (courage) to go into battle. And like David used his giants own sword to kill him, I use the inner strength that my giant (MS) was instrumental in cultivating and use that against it!

My giant is assailable

MS is very much a part of my life and it's huge and it's antics are worrisome, frustrating and cruel. BUT, I look at my situation from a different perspective - not one from fear, misery or as an impossible feat. I perceive my giant as assailable because I have the weapons with which to fight - my ‘slingshot and stones’...And the strength which lives within me that MS absolutely cannot touch is the very thing that allows me to proclaim “I may have MS, but it does not have me”!

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