Gift-Giving Guide for Managing Multiple Sclerosis

The best gift of all would be a cure for MS. While that may not be possible now, I do believe there are some gifts that can potentially help us to feel better in our body while living with multiple sclerosis.

Here’s a look at my gift-giving guide for managing multiple sclerosis.

Anything that brings you joy

What brings you most joy in this world? Do you enjoy walking outside? Perhaps you ask for a new pair of walking shoes or a hat that helps to keep you warm or cool on your walks.

Do you enjoy reading? Ask for a gift card, so you can purchase a new book or even put it toward an electronic reading device (e-reader). I’ve recently started reading more but struggle to find a comfortable position to read in bed, so I’m asking for a good reading pillow for bed.

Do you enjoy spending time with others? Maybe you ask for a gift certificate of an activity that you could do together – a restaurant so you can have a lunch date, or even enrollment to an art class.

Finding joy while living with multiple sclerosis is so important. It’s a long road with a lot of unexpected detours. So how can we create opportunities for us to find some connection and meaning along the way?

A good stress reliever

Managing a chronic illness is a full-time job – on top of the natural busyness of life. Finding ways to best manage stress is really important to our health. This, too, will be unique to us, as we all have our own preferences with stress relievers.

Is it a yoga class? Maybe you ask for a gift certificate to a yoga studio or a yoga mat – they’re available at all different price points.

Do you have an interest in essential oils, but just never seem to have the extra room in your budget to try them out? Ask for a bottle of lavender or whatever aroma is most pleasurable to you.

Does music help you to relieve stress? Maybe you ask for a gift card or a portable speaker?

There are lots of options to consider; it’s a matter of identifying what’s most meaningful to you.

A good night’s rest

Talk about the ultimate gift – a good night’s rest! Yes please!

Rest is so important to our health. It’s when our brain detoxifies, it’s when we store memories, and it’s also when our body does some of its best healing. So finding ways to get a better night sleep is a priceless gift.

This could include a new set of comfy sheets, room-darkening shades, an eye mask, or relaxing essential oils for your room. Depending upon the budget, you could even ask for a sleep tracker as well.

The options are many

The options are many, but I think taking the time to think about some gifts to put on your wish list that can help you to better manage your health today and all year long is worth it!

I’m curious: do you have something on your wish list to support your health? Share below so we can learn from you, too!

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