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MS Comic: Hidden Symptoms

MS Comic: Hidden Symptoms

What people see on the outside rarely matches how someone with MS feels on the inside. Brooke’s latest comic shows how people view her out at a party or on the train compared to how she actually feels that day.

Hidden MS Comic 1
Hidden MS Comic 2
Hidden MS Comic 3
Hidden MS Comic 4
Hidden MS Comic 5
Hidden MS Comic 6

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  • Lifeisnotfair
    6 months ago

    OMG! This is ME…. I have been trying to figure out if this is a thing that I’m supposed to be experiencing or if I’m sick.. I have been having symptoms of a UTI and have been checked a couple of times, a couple of weeks apart but there are no actual signs of an infection…yet. I have had an infection in the past, when I’ve had these same symptoms and I’ve even been running a temperature, but it seems to take a while for it to show up on tests. My MS symptoms have flared so much and I’m hoping that this is not something that I’m supposed to be experiencing just because I have
    progressed. I have been burning all over and it gets worse as the day wears on. My body seems to be under attack and it burns and feels like it’s vibrating, too. I’m hoping to start Ocrevus soon and praying that it will help with the exacerbations and keep me from progressing so fast. Are you taking an MS therapy?

  • MSTony
    6 months ago

    Very good illustrations. Sounds about right.

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