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I See You

My dearest friend recently wrote a blog post that I just loved. She describes how now that she is grieving the loss of her father, when Father’s Day rolled around she could finally see and understand what it’s like to recall those you love that have passed away. How she once scrolled through Father’s Day Facebook posts knowing in her heart her father was the best, quickly overlooking the ones that were missing or recalling lost loved ones. It hit me, that in a similar fashion, I have done the same in the past overlooking those dealing with disease. It inspired me to write an article along those lines.

Support for life and MS

Although learning you have an MS diagnosis is NOTHING compared to losing a loved one in my eyes, you do lose something at the same time. I used to stroll through life watching other people with disease and/or disability; I would feel compassion and empathy for all they had to go through, knowing in the back of my mind that I would never have to face something so life altering. And, then my life changed. So, now, those who are suffering with disease and illness, I want you to know: I SEE YOU.

You're not alone

To those who wake up every day not knowing what you’re going to face, I see you.

To those facing aches, pains, or fatigue that you don’t think you’ll survive, I see you.

To those mommas like me wondering how you’re going to make it through the day, because you’re so tired you feel sick, I see you.

To those worrying about that newest symptom, and worrying whether it’s a relapse or not and how it will affect your next MRI, I see you.

To those going to your next doctor’s appointment and feeling the anxiety of wondering whether the doctor will have good or bad news, I see you.

To those who suffer with more than one illness (ex. MS and thyroid problems), I see you.

To those popping pills and taking injections in hopes of a better tomorrow, I see you.

To those suffering with depression and anxiety, I see you.

To those questioning “why me”, I see you.

To those wanting to stay afloat in every day life, but the pressure of this disease is weighing you down, and it seems like too much to bear, I see you.

To those feeling sad and lonely because this day with MS has hit you so hard you don’t think you can handle it, I see you.

To those praying and wishing someone could see the pain you go through behind that smile you force, I see you.

To those constantly wanting to better yourself, but not finding the energy to do so, I see you.

To those mourning the “normal” life you once held, I see you.

I understand

There are so many days I think or deal with all of the things I listed above. I want you to know that you’re not alone in your worries and your doubts. You’re not alone in wishing for just one more day where you didn’t have to feel crummy and like this life isn’t anything like what you once imagined. I do often mourn the loss of the days I once didn’t have to deal with this disease. But, thanks to a wonderful family, friends and the best support system I could ask for, I take each day as they come and hope for the best. Please know if you’re feeling hopeless and wishing life wasn’t this way, someone out there is also feeling the same way. Someone understands. I understand, and I see you.

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