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More "Life Hacks" for MSers

More Life Hacks for MSers

Nearly 2 years ago I put together a list of my favorite MS tricks and tips, and the responses that I have received from the MS community have been so helpful. Therefore, it is time for more MS life hacks, brought to you by people living with MS from around the world! Be sure to check out the original list too!

“Life Hacks” are tricks or shortcuts that make life a little easier. People living with MS are definitely in need of some life hacks to help us save some time, energy, and maybe even maintain some independence. This list is everything that either I have personally learned since creating the original list, or something another person with MS has told me about. Every product that I list can be purchased online (but I’m in no way paid by, or affiliated with any products), making them extra convenient!

Getting ready for the day

  • Invest in a large terrycloth robe that can help dry you off with minimal effort, and conserve energy.
  • If you have a tub/shower combination and are in a wheelchair it can be tricky to get in and out. Instead of doing an expensive bathroom renovation, get a bathtub transfer bench that allows you to safely get on outside of the tub, and slide over with ease.
  • Choose shoes that are slip-on or have velcro instead of laces.
  • Find pants that are stretchy or have an elastic bands, so you don’t have to struggle with zippers and buttons.
  • Look for shirts that you can simply pull over your head, instead of button down style clothing.
  • Leg lift straps can help those with leg weakness get dressed, transfer from a wheelchair to chair/car, and reposition. It is essentially a long strap with a loop and both ends (one end wraps around the foot, and the other loop is used for pulling with your hand) One reader even uses a dog leash to do the trick, because she can find them at a dollar store.

Checking off your “to-do” list

  • Amazon Prime and Google Express have saved me so much time and effort! Instead of running around to 6 different stores, to get all the things I need. Both sites will deliver groceries and items from popular stores right to my doorstep!
  • Many stores, like the grocery stores and Walmart, will help you load your car after you are done shopping. Just ask!
  • Roomba vacuums are popular in the MS community, especially those of us with pets. Vacuuming saps a lot of energy, so having a robot help out with the rugs, floors, and under the furniture might be worth the investment.

Meal time tricks

  • SpillNot cups do exactly what they say- keep you from spilling drinks!
  • When prepping food or cooking at the stove sit on a stool to conserve energy. One reader even sits in a chair with wheels so she could roll between the counter and stove with ease.
  • Use scissors for cutting up food to minimize the risk for cuts and accidents.


  • Using weekly pill boxes can help keep you organized. Just fill them up once a week and keep track of your medications!
  • Do you ever forget if you already took your medication for the day? They have pill bottle lids and dispensers that show you when you last opened the bottle, and how much time is left until your next dose is due.

Financial assistance for adaptive equipment 

(wheelchairs, ramps, stair lifts, vehicle hand controls etc…)

  • MSAA Equipment Distribution Program (bathtub transfer benches, shower chairs, bathtub safety rails, elevated toilet seats, seated walkers, grab bars, quad canes, adapted drinking cups, grab bars, hand rails, easy-grip utensil sets, leg lifts, manual wheelchairs).
  • Every state in the US has a vocational rehabilitation agency that helps people with disabilities access equipment that enables them to work.
  • Check the National MS Society’s website for additional adaptive equipment resources.

What would you add to the next list of Life Hacks??

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  • Tess
    5 months ago

    WHile Roomba is a good idea… I would trip on it and fall.

  • Shelby Comito moderator
    5 months ago

    Oof, that would definitely make things WORSE versus better. And a good point to keep in mind, especially for those who experience balance/coordination symptoms. Thanks for sharing @tess0714!
    – Shelby, Team Member

  • Intimid18
    2 years ago

    There is a company out there called Hickies. They are elastic “laces”. You can make any shoe a slip on. You get 14 for $15. Lots of colors to choose from. I got my first set a year and a half ago. Loved them so now they are in all my shoes. Makes life so much easier. Hope this helps!

  • Meagan Heidelberg moderator
    2 years ago

    Awesome, Intimid18! Thank you for sharing this helpful hack!
    Meagan, Team Member

  • Julie
    2 years ago

    I love anything that can make my life easier!!
    I live in a small town with one small grocery store. They wouldn’t think of letting anyone walk out the door without someone to put your bags in your car for you. I use them some but like I said, small store.

    What has really been a life saver is the larger stores, like Walmart, let you do your grocery shopping online. Then you pull up to their drive up and they will bring your groceries out to you, even load them into your car!! Score!!

    Grocery stores send me into confusion. With the weird lighting, the crowds, the rows of options, the screaming kids, the overhead announcements….it’s just too much for me. I leave feeling exhausted. Most of the big groceries are so big it wears me out to walk thru the whole place. You just get used to where everything is then they will change it up! I swear they do!

    So this is my very favorite hack at the moment. Your list is fantastic!

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