MSAA Gives Thanks

It is the season of giving and gratitude, and the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) cannot help but reflect on the wonderful amount of support we receive from our community members. It is due to the generosity of individual supporters that MSAA is able to continue our mission of Improving Lives Today.

Free MS resources and services

MSAA serves tens of thousands of people with multiple sclerosis each year, providing them with free services and programs. Our initiatives are designed to advance access to educational, wellness, and supportive resources. The services and programs MSAA provides at no cost include:

MSAA's mission

MSAA celebrates the individuals that bring our mission to life. Our dedication to improving lives today is ongoing, and we are committed to continuing to advocate for the MS Community. This season and always, we celebrate our supporters, donors, and community members. It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that we extend our thanks!

We are honored to provide an outlet for the MS community and invite you to join! Our website,, includes a number of resources, materials, and ways to participate. We hope to hear from you soon! On behalf of MSAA, we wish you a wonderful beginning to the holiday giving season.

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