Virtual Improving Lives Benefit from MSAA Brought the MS Community Together at Home for a Good Cause

Finding unique ways to connect with others over the past year has been difficult. The COVID-19 pandemic influenced many organizations to get creative when keeping in touch with their supporters without in-person programming or events.

MSAA Virtual Improving Lives Benefit

This year, the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) hosted our first-ever virtual Improving Lives Benefit to help raise funds for the free programs and services we provide to the MS community. This one-of-a-kind virtual experience raised more than $187,000! This incredible accomplishment will help make a tremendous difference in the lives of members of the MS community!

With accomplished football player Tyler Campbell – son of Hall of fame legend Earl Campbell –  serving as host, the virtual evening consisted of a vignette of inspirational videos and stories from people with multiple sclerosis, as well as a virtual auction. In addition to the videos, MSAA was honored to recognize two important leaders in the MS community.

Corporate Honoree – Medscape Education

The first was Corporate Honoree, Medscape Education. Since 2013, Medscape Education has partnered with MSAA to inform and educate clinicians and patients on topics designed to improve care for individuals with MS. With expertise in learning design and clinical content, and through the engagement of Medscape's membership, including more than 200,000 primary care providers and neurologists, MSAA and Medscape have delivered education that has reached thousands of clinicians.

Mission Honoree – Puerto Rico Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (FEM)

In addition to Medscape Education, the Puerto Rico Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (FEM) was recognized as the event’s Mission Honoree. The award was accepted by Dr. Ángel Chinea, Medical Director of the San Juan Multiple Sclerosis Center, and Lourdes Fernández Trujillo, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Over the last year, the MS community in Puerto Rico has been heavily impacted by not only the COVID-19 pandemic, but also natural disasters causing catastrophic earthquakes. In response to this, Dr. Chinea and Ms. Fernández Trujillo worked together to form a collaborative partnership with MSAA to help their clients access our programs and services, providing necessary educational programming and resources.

Although the virtual event is over, there are still ways to support MSAA’s free programs and services. Some of the event’s auction items are still available! You can place bids for the available items by visiting our event website here.

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