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Last updated: June 2022

“The key to success is often the ability to adapt.” – Confucius

Adapt. Modify. Change your perspective. The MS community has no shortage of adaptations needed to get through a “typical” daily routine. As with many issues related to multiple sclerosis, it can be confusing to know where to start, overwhelming to keep up, or in many cases - both.

The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) released their newest one-hour archived webinar this month, titled “Keys to Adapting Your Environment.” Presented by MS specialist Shaina Meyer, a Clinical Rehab and Continuous Improvement Manager at the Cleveland Clinic’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, this webinar goes into the detailed adaptions those with MS can make to promote accessibility in their environments and shape an overall better quality of life.

What you can expect:

After watching this webinar, you will not only leave with a general knowledge of what occupational therapy (OT) is and how it can improve your quality of life, but also an in-depth understanding of what “activities of daily living” you specifically struggle with, and how you may be able to use modifications to achieve an easier and improved outcome of these activities.

You may wonder how it’s possible to learn about what your individual and unique adaptations may be from an archived webinar? Shaina Meyer brilliantly leads three separate activities over the hour that guides the viewer through analyzing their own ability to perform certain tasks, and the modifications that can be applied. From tips and tools for organizing your living environment, to adaptive equipment and insurance information, this webinar covers every aspect of implementing these occupational therapy techniques.

Questions and answers

At the end of the webinar, our host is prepared with specific topics and questions that offer additional information to viewers. This provides a chance to apply the knowledge gained and apply it to specific concerns that the viewers have.

We hope that this webinar will provide you with useful information that will be helpful to you, whether you have MS and are looking for advice on adapting to life with this disease, or someone looking for more information on how occupational therapy can help. To view the archived “Keys to Adapting Your Environment” webinar (including a complete transcript), please visit MSAA’s website here.

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