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New Year, Same Me

The new year brings about new outlooks, new goals, fresh perspectives, fresh starts. It also prompts the customary tradition of creating ‘New Year Resolution(s)’ and implementing them or watching how well others do the same. There are "New Year, New Me" memes and posts throughout social media, blogs/vlogs, and the like. These are new year commonalities.

Every day is new to me

But for me, things are a bit different. I live with Multiple Sclerosis, and with such an unpredictable, chronic disease, every day and even every minute is ‘new’ to me. MS has prompted enough changes for me - in a relatively short period - to last a lifetime. Each day is a different day, a surprise... sometimes good, sometimes not so much as it relates to MS. I am not afforded the opportunity to await the new year to make New Year's resolutions because, if anything, mine are made daily. With and when each change occurs, I have to change with it.

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Being creative daily

It's necessary to be creative daily. Creating new ways to deal with challenges, a random new symptom, sporadic pain or some days constant pain, seeking ways to remain positive and optimistic when going through these difficulties is what my days - not a new year - consist of. Each day is a new and a different start as I awaken to ascertain just how MS has decided to treat me for the day and in what way(s) I may be impacted.

My fresh starts are every morning

Hence, what is common for me is that my outlook, perspective, and goals remain the same year after year, and my fresh starts are every morning that I am afforded the beautiful gift of opening my eyes. That would be why I don't resolve to change the most important parts of my life yearly. Change for me, if anything, is as I go, and my underlying coping mechanisms and attitude relative to my life with MS remain pretty much the same.

My fresh start is to welcome each day with whatever life brings because every morning that I am able to see another day, it is indeed just that - a fresh start.

My outlook is that life is what you make of it.

My perspective is that things could always be so much worse, so enjoy what you can while you can.

My goal is to always seek something positive in my life and/or surroundings on which to focus and to forever remember and comply with my outlook and perspective.

My personal mantra

Not my resolution, but my stance is that I will continue to live a fulfilling life by rolling with or in spite of the MS punches. I have practiced this since 2007 and do not foresee a change in how I conduct myself: therefore, this is how I can again adhere to my personal mantra on this New Year 2019…

New Year, Same Me!

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