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Last updated: May 2019

Me: Why am I having seizures?

Neuro: They come from the MS.

Me: I feel like my symptoms are worsening and that I have even developed new ones, yet there's no change on my MRI.

Neuro: That's MS. We'll keep an eye on it.

Me: The last several nights, I've felt ‘jumping’ inside of my upper arm. It doesn't hurt, but is very bothersome and has even awakened me.

Neuro: Yes, that's due to MS.


Enduring poor care

After being diagnosed with MS in 2007, the above scenarios are just a few examples out of a myriad of others that I have had the displeasure of experiencing throughout the years with my neurologist. With there being limited MS specialists local to me outside of this particular practice coupled with my becoming complacent since I didn't want to start over or travel out of town anyway, I have endured scant explanations, half-hearted recommendations, incredibly rushed appointments, inadequate office notes, lackluster follow through, poor bedside manner, etc. Actually, it didn't begin quite this bad, but as the practice grew, the service became more and more ineffectual. I have, through my communications with them, detected less than optimal concern, responsiveness, and competency.

Being our own best advocate

Sometimes, even doctors who may be dealing with their own personal biases, problems, issues, or who lack professionalism, or even ineptitude can let you down. My uncle, a medical doctor himself, advises that we must always be our own best advocate and encouraged me to seek a second opinion relative to my care. There were also the words of my late grandfather who used to say, "Do the best you can until you can do better.” These key pieces of wisdom in addition to a round of seizures where I received the perfunctory, “It's the MS,” and a prescription for an anticonvulsant used to treat seizures led me to an appointment with a MS specialist who is second to none.


Me: Why am I having seizures?

(New) Neuro: In reviewing your EEG, there were abnormalities consistent with…

Me: I feel like my symptoms are worsening and I have even developed new ones, yet there's no change on my MRI.

(New) Neuro: Because at this point, after a review of your records, history and scans, it is clear to me that you have entered the Secondary Progressive Stage of MS which means…

Me: The last several nights, I've felt ‘jumping’ inside of my upper arm. It doesn't hurt, but is very bothersome and has even awakened me.

(New) Neuro: Ahhh, that'd be called fasciculations (twitching) and for that, and the itching and the burning in your legs, we can try Gabapentin...


Not this time

On a beautiful, sunny, (cold!) day, my aide drove my mother and I to my MS specialist’s appointment 45 minutes away. We spent an hour and a half receiving answers, clarification, recommendations, education, suggestions, and advisement in the most unhurried, knowledgeable, compassionate, and understanding manner. So many times, I've left my regular appointments frustrated and left to look to my own research for answers. But not this time.

Finding relief in the truth

I left knowing ‘stuff’ and it feels really, really good. I feel like I did when I was initially diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I’d known something was wrong for so long, but no one got it... and then I was incorrectly diagnosed with Benign Positional Vertigo. When someone finally did get it, and I was diagnosed - correctly - I didn't have time to be sad or worried or scared because I was so relieved to finally know what was going on. I felt like knowing would help me to learn how to deal with my circumstances.

A clearer picture

This new provider has helped me to rekindle that same feeling. How refreshing! I'm not happy that I've entered the Secondary Progressive stage... I'm not happy that I have MS at all... But I'm happy that I have a clearer picture of what's going on inside of me so that, again, I can learn to deal with my newer circumstances. I'm happy to have a doctor that is a complete advantage to my healthcare team.

It took a quality provider to give quality service which can ultimately enhance my quality of life.

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