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Being Lovable Through 'Sick' and Thin

I am 49 years old and will soon be 50. That isn't ‘old’ - especially once you’ve entered the 30+ age bracket. I mean, I think I'm doing pretty well at hanging in there. I feel fine...most days, I love shopping for clothes, jewelry, smell goods, and sunglasses because when I step out, I like to look good doing so. I keep my hair cut, and though I'm not much of a makeup person, my lipgloss is always poppin’ and I even wear a little eyeliner on occasion. I'm just saying that I've received no complaints. Most importantly, however, I consider myself an intelligent, strong, resilient and persevering woman with an exuberant personality...most days. I have a positive, humble, and optimistic attitude with a healthy sense of humor. I love to laugh and I am seldom speechless on any subject. Not to mention, I am compassionate and caring, courageous and creative, loving and loyal.

I have MS, but I'm still me

And another thing about me... I have Multiple Sclerosis. So many facets of this affliction are horrible: suffering pain, unpredictability, fatigue, declination of mobility, lack of dexterity and strength in my hands, the loss of a great majority of my independence, living with the progression, and all of the consequences of severely damaged nerves for so long are a challenge ...most days (because some days are actually 'ok' - considering). YET... I still love shopping for clothes, jewelry, smell goods, and sunglasses - it's just online shopping. And even though it's not often, I still like to look good when I step out - although I'm not literally stepping, I'm in a wheelchair. Oh, and I still love my stylishly low, fly ‘Caesar’ haircut - it just also happens to be a plus for me since it's more manageable with the loss of dexterity and strength in my hands. My lipgloss is still always poppin’ - though someone may have to screw the top off for me. And I still like a little eyeliner on occasion - though I just count on my daughter, the little diva that she is, to put it on for me. My condition has changed quite a bit of the semantics in my life, but it's enhanced and strengthened my attributes and outlook because if they were skewed, I might just fold... quit... give up… give in - none of which are options for me. At all.

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Finding the right person

Considering all of the above, I reflectively ponder how likely it is for me to find romance at this juncture in my life. How likely is it to find that wonderful, patient companion, that understanding mate that will love and care for me through thick… or ‘sick’...and thin? Because I still am open to the concept of being ‘in love’ or ‘in like’...most days. Albeit, it'd be different and sometimes even difficult, but definitely doable. We can take a stroll in the park... if you push me in my wheelchair. We can ‘Netflix and chill’... if you can get past the fact that I may fall asleep because I'm suddenly tired or in pain out of nowhere. We can make plans to go on a date… if you’re patient with me should I have to change plans at the ninth hour because of the unpredictability of MS.

And that's when all of my attractive attributes come into play. All of those characteristics that make me, me - and in spite of MS - very much lovable through ‘sick’ and thin.

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