Start Off the New Year with MSAA's Community

Last updated: January 2018

As we celebrate the holiday season and a new calendar year approaches, members of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America’s online support forum, My MSAA Community are taking the opportunity to share well wishes, hopes for 2018, and thankful thoughts with one another on the forum.

MSAA has compiled a handful of these lovely holiday sentiments to share with the community:

“Wishing you a peaceful, love-filled day, week, month, year…You are loved and appreciated for the beautiful soul that you are. So grateful for each of you. The smallest gesture of kindness can make all the difference in giving up, or fighting for one day more.”
– Community member, Cynthia1111

“Whatever you celebrate, even if it’s the Winter Solstice, wishing everyone on this site a very happy holiday season, and most of all a HEALTHY and HAPPY 2018 and beyond!
– Community member, Sukie427

“As we approach the New Year, just sharing my favorite chant – DEGU – Don’t Ever Give Up!”
– Community member, Sue AB

“I am thankful to the group [My MSAA Community] for all the smarts, kindness, fun, and delight this year, so Santa, I already got my gift.”
– Community member, jackiesj

“Wherever you may be and whatever your traditions are, I wish you all joy, peace, and love this holiday! Thank you for being ‘Family’ to me.”
– Community member, Amore55

“On this Christmas, I have been thinking of all the things that I have, like joy and hope and the love of friends and family. I have nice clothes, a nice home, and cars, what more could I want? I want the greed, selfishness, and unkindness in our world to stop. I cannot do this by myself but I can do this one little thing, give of myself. This is the season of giving, so give part of yourself. A smile, a kind word, a little wave, a helping hand. Watch the smiles!
– Community member, Morllyn

“May all my fellow MS Warriors enjoy a wonderful holiday season that is filled with happiness, joy, and love, and may you all have a healthy (as healthy as can be!) 2018.”
– Community member, mrsmike

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