Storm cloud moving along with a rainbow and flowers popping up behind it

MS Is Funny Like That

If you've ever read any of my articles, it's pretty apparent that I am a lover of quotes, scriptures, meaningful song lyrics, aphorisms, and such. The more profound, pithy, witty, or eloquent, the better to snag my interest and reflect on how it applies to life - mine or just in general. When I happened upon a graphic that read "May the flowers remind us that the rain is necessary" it definitely fit the mold. Yes, waking to a rainy day, especially a day you have to be out and about, may feel a bit blah. But...riding past a yard with a  beautiful garden displayed makes you very aware that blah rainy day was necessary to create such an alluring sight. Life is funny like that.

The sun appears after the rain

The 'rain' is the part of life that allows us to appreciate the 'sun' - if we pay attention. Our norms which consist of things like picking up toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant sprays, and cleaners with no stocking issues, seeing the smiles on the faces of fellow community members, enjoying a meal at a local eatery, gatherings with family and friends, attending church service, children allowed to go to school - all with no restrictions imposed, were taken for granted. The value was found in the aforementioned and so much more once the Coronavirus 'rained' in. In order to protect our health, we had/have to clean vigilantly, mask, quarantine, and shelter in place, and other prudent precautions to avoid the dangers of being exposed to and contracting this horrid and possibly deadly disease. The disruption in our lives is unfortunate yet perhaps that is what it took to recognize the value and importance of life's commonalities - and even one another. Life is funny like that.

Staying positive with MS

And then, of course, I cannot help but think of how said phrase, and I repeat, "May the flowers remind us that the rain is necessary", applies to my particular with MS. Diagnosed with this chronic disease reminds me of the myriad of symptoms - definitely 'rain' - that I endure. I'm thinking of the 'flowers' in my life because of my circumstances.

Simple joys and accomplishments

Without the rain, I may not have recognized, for instance, how wonderful a simple afternoon home alone is. As primarily a sedentary person, MS presents the worrisome need for preparations to be without assistance. No rain would probably have me overlook the pride in standing from my chair unassisted, as opposed to the need for someone having to get me to a standing position. If I experienced no rain, the chance that I might fail to feel immense joy in the opportunity to decide to take a ride to visit my parents who live just 30 miles away. Spontaneity is not MS-friendly. I have to plan for even a short trip by, for example, seeking accessible transportation, assistance from getting dressed to getting out of my home and into theirs. I was never one to exercise much, but MS makes occupational and physical therapy a beneficial must. Each movement, no matter how slight, that I am able to do such as point a finger from the curled position, shift weight from one hip to another, or lift a 2 lb weight, fills me with happiness.

MS opened my eyes

Those are just several of many instances of the rain that reminded me to see the flowers in my life. A few of many instances of how MS - the serious chronic disease that it is - although unwanted, unsolicited, and unfortunate, reminds me to see the delight and find pleasures in even the smallest acts, activities, and accomplishments that could otherwise have been overlooked or taken for granted. Living with MS is funny like that.

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