The Test of Taking My Own Advice

You think that, for the most part, you have a pretty good handle when going through tough situations. That though it's not always easy, with logic, encouragement, and understanding, you're sure to stand strong and persevere through whatever. Along the way, there were various hardships, some more difficult than others, that I’ve had to endure. There’ve been arduous life decisions to make, loss of family members and friends, consequences derived from poor decision-making, etc. I made it through those circumstances in large part by taking heed of the ‘they say’ advice:

“You'll be ok...”

“It'll get better.”

“Be strong.”

“You've got this.”

“Just be patient."

“Giving up or in is not an option.”

Positive motivation

But it seems like life has a way of calling your bluff. I was confronted with a true affliction when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a chronic, degenerative, autoimmune disease. This was definitely cause to knock me off my square. My health was taking a huge hit, and with no cure, the progression would be sure to make an extreme impact on my life and my family's life. I knew then I had to get myself to a ‘good place’ mentally in order to persevere. I began to encourage myself with positive motivation and when I found, though not always easy, that it worked, I began freelance writing in order to inspire others with what I found worked for me to live with this illness on top of managing other life trials and tribulations.

My inspirational quotes

I say and have written:

“...a mind is a terrible thing to waste, so take care of it by filling it with positivity, optimism, hope and the like.”

“Remember, all we have to do is believe in what we think and allow those thoughts to come to fruition.”

“...succumb to the trials we are faced with or seek ways to manage and cope to live a fulfilling life in spite of.”

“ with this, albeit probably life-changing, is definitely doable and worth living.”

“... Where do I go from here? ...You simply go on to tomorrow. And live your life.”

“Rather than to allow fallen pieces to remain, I find it personally advantageous to pick them up, dust them off and keep playing... living.”

The test of taking my own advice

And as I was thinking what an inspiration I can or may be with my belief in positivity and optimism as opposed to negativity and pessimism to waddle through my woes, life played to top it... This time I buckled, and each time I have tried to pull myself up by the bootstraps, I have dropped them, and they’ve fallen right back down. This crisis occurred involving one of my children, my son, my firstborn - and I feel myself buckling. I acknowledge, but suddenly find little comfort in, all of the advice I've spewed and writings I've produced. I still strongly stand by it all as I recognize it has helped to date. I just know that ‘they're’ messing with my baby, and I’m struggling to keep it together.

BUT... If nothing else, MS has taught me that I am stronger than I ever thought, more resilient than I ever imagined, and a true warrior, so I'm going to get through this. I suppose this is just what it has taken to experience the test of taking my own advice.

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