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Women floating over push pins scattered on floor.

My First Step

Brooke shares the worst part of her day: her first step out of bed in the morning onto the floor. The long walk to the bathroom feels like walking on pushpins!

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  • wandaholt
    9 months ago

    Thank you for your writing and drawing onto paper how I feel EVERY day for 12+ years. There is a dread and cringe upon awakening and putting my feet on the floor. I am sympathetic with your situation and it helps me to not feel so alone in mine. Pain is the worst part of m.s. for me and my feet start the cascade which rolls up my legs and spine.

  • AlmostFrench
    9 months ago

    Oh I can really empathize – this was my worst moment for many years before I was even diagnosed, and it still presents a challenge 2 years after. I never spoke about it to a doctor all that time, as the good news (!) was that it would go away after a few painful walks. Now it comes back during the day, but I have found extra-strength ibuprofen is the best remedy (not cure, but alleviates the pins-and-needles and the numbness.)
    Love your cartoons! xx

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