MS and weather changes

Weather Changes: How Cold Air Affects Me

I've had my fair share of brain meltdowns in the scorching summer sun. You know, those moments where you can't form a sentence or you're so tired you could just nap for a whole day. The heat does a lot of interesting things to us and I'm no different. For me generally the heat just makes me weak all over, mentally weak and physically weak and I think that is common among most people with MS. What I have not seen as common is cold weather symptoms, or maybe people just aren't talking about them as frequently.

Can't seem to alleviate cold weather symptoms

In the summer time, generally I just need rest to recover from the effects of the sun, however in the winter my symptoms come and go with no way to alleviate them. For me, its mostly in my legs. I find that the nerve ending in my legs freak out in the cold air almost as if all of the nerves are turned on high all at the same time. Most of the time it is not painful, but sometimes it can be. I find that it is mostly just high uncomfortable and that it makes my knees very sore.

Cold air grasps my joints

In the past I was prescribed Lyrica to help with the craziness that was happening in my legs. Personally, I didn't find it to make a big difference and chose not to take it as it seemed like just another pill I had to take everyday. I know that many people with MS generally welcome the cold air's relief from the hot summer sun, but I find that I prefer the summer time. The cold air grasps on to my joints and my legs and doesn't seem to want to let go. I would say that its not so much pain that I feel, but that I am just very aware of my legs and my knees. Does that make sense? I have read that some people experience issues with more spasticity in the winter months, and more fatigue. I can't say that I have experienced either of those but sometimes it does feel like I am the only one who has issues in the cold weather. I've noticed that the symptoms start around 50 degrees outside and will get worse as the winter progresses. I live in Michigan, so often we have harsh winters, and when the temperatures drop to the 20's and 30's, I notice that is when my legs freak out the most. The colder the weather the more intense the sensations.

How do you feel about the weather? Do you have cold weather symptoms as well?

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