Navigating Life with PPMS

The Neurological Exam Explained

We have all had a thorough once-over by a neurologist, and chances are you see one at least once a year for a check up and exam. Have you ever obediently walked... READ MORE
The Neurological Exam Explained
What are the differences between CIS, RRMS, SPMS, and PPMS?

To The Real Heroes

I’ve been surprised, flattered, and humbled by the tremendous response that my recent writings about my “Adventures in CCSVI Land” have elicited. I’m incredibly grateful to everybody who took the time to... READ MORE

Changes, Inside And Out

For many individuals, change is an unpleasant proposition. Most folks generally strive to maintain stability in their personal and professional lives. Major life changes, such as switching jobs, suffering the breakup of... READ MORE

How Do I Find A Doctor? Help Is Here!

Your feet feel numb.  Your vision is blurred.  Your legs are weak.  You’re always tired. You’re much too young, busy, happy or healthy for your body to be giving you any problems.... READ MORE

The Problem with Progression

Of late, the MS has been giving me a pretty good a** whuppin’. It’s getting harder for me to stumble around my apartment, and I’m pretty close to making the decision to... READ MORE
MS Fatigue and Lassitude

MS Fatigue and Lassitude

Look all over the net. Look in books. Talk to people with MS. Pretty much everyone will say fatigue is the most common and sometimes most debilitating symptom of Multiple Sclerosis. But... READ MORE

How I Deal With Stress

Stress comes in innumerous forms and can manifest itself in a multitude of ways, affecting each “victim” completely differently. Everyone deals with stress at some point in his or her life. By... READ MORE

Clinical Trials

What is a Clinical Trial? A clinical trial1,2 is a research study that is conducted to determine whether a specific medical intervention, such as a treatment, device, procedure, or change in behavior... READ MORE
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