Access Even More Information About Multiple Sclerosis With MSAA’s Digital Educational Program Guides

The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) is here for you throughout your MS journey, and has made it even easier for you to learn about important topics related to your overall health and wellness as it relates to MS.

New digital guides from MSAA

MSAA has created several interactive digital guides that are now available on our website. These guides include facts, activities, resources, and more on special subject areas related to MS. Please see below for more information on guides that are focused on helping families improve awareness about MS, brain health, and frequently asked questions about living with MS as a Hispanic American.

Digital Guide cover for It's A Generational Thing Toolkit

It’s a generational thing toolkit: Creating an understanding of MS between parents and their children

Having the right tools to open the lines of communication between family members can empower every member of the family to take an active role in managing one’s MS journey. Featuring activity pages, conversation guides, goal setting, resources, and more, this PDF guide has an array of information and strategies to help improve awareness about MS while reducing stigmas and fears.

Digital Guide to explain Brain Health

MS on your mind: A closer look at brain health

Brain health has a profound impact on the progression of multiple sclerosis. Learn about the risk factors for declining brain health and lifestyle modifications for improved brain health, as well as the effect of disease-modifying therapies in this interactive guide.

Digital Guide cover to answer Hispanic American FAQs

The MS and Hispanic American experience: FAQs

How common is MS in the Hispanic community? Are there differences between those living with MS in the United States and those living in other parts of the world? Review candid answers to frequently asked questions about living with MS as a Hispanic American on this four-page PDF, available in both English and Spanish.

To learn more about MSAA’s interactive digital guides, or to check out MSAA’s other digital program offerings, please visit:

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