MSAA’s MS Relapse Toolkit is Now Available in English and Spanish Versions

Nearly everyone in the MS community is familiar with the challenges posed by an MS relapse — also referred to as an exacerbation, attack, or flare-up.

MS Relapse Toolkit from MSAA is availabe in English and Spanish These sudden and unexpected bouts of new and worsening symptoms not only affect one’s overall well-being and ability to function, but also greatly disrupt activities with family, home, and work.

For members of the MS community who have less experience with these relapses, this can be a frightening time and people may find themselves unprepared for the unpredictability and varying severity of an MS relapse.

To better educate people with MS and their families on MS relapses, the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) published a unique MS Relapse Toolkit which focuses on how to best prepare for relapses.

Now, in its newly released second edition, we are pleased to offer MSAA’s MS Relapse Toolkit in both English and Spanish versions to better serve more members of the MS community!

This user-friendly, spiral-bound workbook covers a range of vital topics including:

  • Informative details on relapses and symptoms
  • Important checklists to share with your doctor and family
  • What to discuss with your healthcare team
  • Planning ahead for a possible relapse
  • Treatment options

To read or order a copy of the English version of the MS Relapse Toolkit, please visit:

To read or order a copy of the Spanish version of the MS Relapse Toolkit, please visit:

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