New Resources in Spanish Offered by MSAA

As a part of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America’s (MSAA’s) continued commitment to being a leading resource for the entire MS community, we have developed a number of resources and programs in Spanish.

What MS resources are now provided in Spanish?

You can find the following information in Spanish on MSAA’s website:

  • An overview of MSAA’s toll-free Helpline, MRI Access Program, Equipment Program, and Cooling Program. You can also access any of our signature program applications in Spanish.
  • Assess the degree of spasticity, or muscle stiffness, you are experiencing with MSAA’s Spasticity Checklist.
  • Review answers to frequently asked questions about living with MS as a Hispanic American.

Interested in Spanish videos?

In addition to these important resources, MSAA also has a variety of videos on-demand available in Spanish. Topics include “Brain Health and MS,” “The Hispanic American Experience and MS,” “Exploring Diversity and Differences in MS,” and more. Sign up to receive an email alert when new videos and other resources in Spanish are added to MSAA’s website.

To view the entire Spanish resource webpage from MSAA, please visit this link.

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