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Has anyone experienced loss of sensations? I have lost 50 lbs because I get no satisfaction from any food. I cannot get that “good” feeling when my back or feet are rubbed or tickled. Bought a new car thinking I would get that new car excitement, but I didn’t. I also got a new cell phone thinking that would be exciting, but it wasn’t. I can remember the good taste food should have. I cook it and I might as well be eating a rock. Has anyone else experienced this?! All I can find on sensations is burning, itching, crawling or pain. But this is totally different. Thanks, Holli

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  1. itasara says:

    I lost my sense of smell and taste after a very bad cold over three years ago except for the tongue taste, so I to oversell things and use a lot of Stevia to make things Sweet. I did however start to get those sensations back, slowly. At first when I started to regain smell and taste,I couldn’t necessarily hold onto a taste once I started eating it. It is getting slightly better with time. But I have little desire are you here later or so to enjoy food like I used to. I had lost weight Who is before on a low carbohydrate diet but the issue of eating did not come up till after I lost taste and smell. Although I am up a few pounds, and I still can’t exactly explain it because my eating habits have not changed, and my clothes still fit after taking them in. I really do not eat all that much.,

  2. itasara says:

    Over salt not oversell

  3. ChristinaH moderator says:

    Hi Holli,
    I’m sorry to hear what y’all you have been experiencing. Please know you are not alone though. Many other members have reported decreased taste from food, impaired sensations, even difficultly finding pleasure in things they once did. I’ve shared a few articles with you here that I feel you may find enjoyable to read: https://multiplesclerosis.net/living-with-ms/taste/, https://multiplesclerosis.net/symptoms/numbness-tingling/, and https://multiplesclerosis.net/symptoms/emotional-changes/. I hope this is helpful! We and the community are here for you anytime.
    Christina, MultipleSclerosis.net Team

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