What are tips on recovering from the “hug”?

It takes me about 36 hours of sleep and 48 hours of soreness to recover from the “hug.” I don’t have that kind of time. Help!

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  • Kelly McNamara moderator
    6 months ago

    Hi lolagraknowla,

    I know the MS hug is something so many in the community experience unfortunately. We have a couple articles here about the hug and some tips others have shared: https://multiplesclerosis.net/living-with-ms/everybody-love-a-hug-but-not-ms-hugs-what-are-they/ and https://multiplesclerosis.net/symptoms/ms-hug/.

    Others in the community might be able to share some tips that helps as well. Hope you are able to find some help!


    Kelly, MultipleSclerosis.net Team

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