Does anyone here do yoga? If so, has it helped with MS?

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  • username
    1 week ago

    Great question! I have been doing yoga on and off for thirty years, taught myself from a magazine. I’ve never been a super accomplished yogi but I found a teacher who comes to my house one or two times a week. He understands my various weak spots and is sensitive to the fact that I might have to cancel often. Getting to a class would kick my butt, this option works great for me as I also get people time (I’m mostly housebound) and I get to stretch and meditate. Go for it! Whatever works for you, a DVD, YouTube class- just be safe and use props as needed, most teachers are sensitive to people working with injuries or limitations. Returning to my yoga practice is probably the best thing I’ve done this year- I can’t encourage you strongly enough. A “Gentle” yoga class might be a good place to begin. Good luck and ohm namaste!

  • Lucylucylucy author
    1 week ago

    Hi username!
    Thanks for taking the time to answer. This kind of motivation is exactly what I need.I have the means to practice at home which is good as getting to a class in one piece could be problematic for me.Lol!

  • Lucylucylucy author
    2 weeks ago

    Hi Janus,
    I started doing yoga not long after my diagnosis. I did it for a few years then stopped. I think I needed to hear from someone who is practicing.
    Thanks for the motivation!

  • Janus
    2 weeks ago

    Hi there!
    I do yoga when I can. We have a class of 4 or 5 people and we all have difficulties of some sort. Most have had
    surgeries and have maybe stretching issues. Then there’s me with balance, etc. We have an AWESOME instructor that makes sure we don’t do anything we can’t do, or that causes pain. I have learned that the breathing techniques, & just getting out to do something is well worth it!
    Hope this helps!!

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