Spotlight: Pain Awareness

Pain: An Invisible Symptom

In our 2017 MS In America Survey, over half of the community said they experience pain and that it has a significant impact on their daily lives. September is known as Pain Awareness Month, so we want to bring awareness to the invisible symptom that so many are living and coping with.

Most of all though we want to hear from YOU! Vote in a poll and find out more ways you can participate in Pain Awareness Month below.


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Is MS Pain Real?
By Ashley Ringstaff—August 8, 2014
I think that there is a lot of contradiction on this specific topic/symptom when it comes to MS. For a long time, it was believed that those with MS did not have any pain caused by the disease…

The Torture That Is MS-Related Chronic Pain
By Devin Garlit—December 22, 2016
I’ve discussed a wide range of issues that I’ve dealt with over my many years with the disease. I have, however, held off on devoting an entire article to one of my worst symptoms until now...

The 50 Shades of MS Pain
By Stephanie Buxhoeveden, RN, MSCN—May 1, 2015
My mom and I both live with MS, but we have had extremely different experiences with diagnosis, treatment, and symptoms...

The Sick In My Head
By Nicole Lemelle—June 16, 2017
Pain is something we can all relate to. It’s not always physical. Sometimes it’s emotional. And more often than I like to admit, that’s where I seem to get stalled. I get stuck in my pain...

Unfair! MS pain causes fatigue, fatigue amplifies MS pain
By TK Sellman—March 9, 2017
As with all other symptoms of MS, pain is one with a snowflake quality. No two experiences are going to be alike...

Why I’m Thankful for the Pain…
By Calie Wyatt—January 6, 2017
Pain and fatigue are two of my biggest symptoms and hardships with my MS. Fatigue is number one, but pain is a close second...

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