10 Years Plus with MS

I got diagnosed in 2011 with Relapsing MS. Doctors thought I was having a stroke because the right side of my face was dropping down. It wasn’t until after the MRI and the doctor walked in saying he was an MS doctor and that I had lesions on my brain.


I’ve been on several medications gylenia and Mayznet. Jan 2020 I lost feeling in both my legs and another major relapse that kept me in the hospital for 6 days. Ever since that episode my body has been slowly getting worse. In June of 2021 my right leg gave out and I fell really bad and had to go to shock trauma.

A new diagnosis

After that I went to see my MS doctor who ordered another MRI, another lesion has formed and now I’m being told it’s gone onto secondary progressive. The fatigue is absolutely horrible, slurred speech, memory and cognitive issues have been the worst they have ever been. And now I have to use a cane just to get around because my right leg continues to give out. The tremors have gotten worse as well. I’ve been taking Trazadone at night for the last 10 years to help with the bladder issues at night but now it seems like the MS has laughed that drug off and I’m back to frequent trips to the bathroom at night.

Severe fatigue

The DR wants to put me on Tysabri starting in August but I’m also told the symptoms I’m having may be permanent. Lucky me! I guess they could be worse since it hasn’t affected my vision and I’m not permanently in a wheelchair but I can’t get out of bed because of the severe fatigue. Not sure what else to do!

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