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14 Years Old Son Diagnosed with MS. He is Now 16.

I’m the mom writing about my son this is very weird for me because I don’t even have Facebook I just stumbled on this site looking for answers for MS. It’s sad to read about so many people with MS. I have read so many books an searching for something to heal my son it’s so hard for him to deal with an us as well. I keep telling myself it’s not what he has he’s too young I keep researching hoping to find something.

He was 14 20015 an his left arm was tingling and numb. Doctors didn’t no what it was. They sent us to Rileys hospital they did spinal tap and steroids if for 3 days he started to get feeling back . So thankful!! But with all the testing done they diagnosed him having relapsing ms. Put him on tecfidera he had side effects an then took him off. In December 2017, he lost sight in his left eye and did an IV steroid treatment for three days. Nothing changed they put him on the plegridy pen an had side effects he has just now started the tysabri IV infusions . It is now March 2018 . I feel awful giving my son this powerful medicine at such a young age all the doctors we have talked to say. That is rare that someone having MS at such a young age. I hope it was a sign I stumbled across this website an someone can help or give us some answers or suggestions!!! And I hope a cure for everyone dealing with MS. I hope an pray for a cure for everyone!!!!!

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  • StephMS35
    1 year ago

    I had the same loss of feeling and pain in my right arm when I was 16. It was during my first job as a cashier that I noticed. Unfortunately it took years of other episodes inclyding loss of balance, memory loss, numb face, eymtc before I was diagnosed at the age of 23 because I temporarily list my sight (optic nueritis). I have been told false things by doctors including “it is griwing pains” or “stress”, both untrue. It is MS! Get him to see a MS specialist for a neurologist and keep him on the meds!! Have him take part in the research, meeting patients etc because he has to deal with the ups and downs for the rest if his life!
    I was on the weakest meds for 9 yrs and unfortunatley now I know rather was a mistake. I have too many lesions to count plus atrophy leading to cognitive decline. I no longer work at the age of 34. This is a serious diagnosis and the MS can not be treated lightly with care to disappear. It needs to be eradicated with the strongest force of treatment. Especially if disease activity is active like mine was. So now I am on the strongest medical treatment called Lemtrada. This infusion treatment is also best to recieve early in disease course. Good luck!

  • Denisecooke
    1 year ago

    My daughter is 15 and recently diagnosed with MS. She had a relapse after 1 month and is now on tysabri and has been on it for 5 months. I just organized a Meetup group for teens with MS if you’re in the southern California area.

  • Gooch72
    1 year ago

    So young, Hopefully with all of the new knowledge and treatments available we will be able to conquer this formidable foe. 10 years ago I was confined to a wheelchair, it is now in the back of our shed, I go to the gym 3 days per week and volunteer when I can participate in events. I participate in rehabilitation studies with a local institute as they are available. Please tell him to refuse to let this disease limit him. Opportunities will present themselves to him if he doesn’t give up.

  • Pam
    1 year ago

    I’m very sorry to hear of your son’s diagnosis. I will tell you that I was dx in 2012 and because I had relapse after relapse my dr strongly recommended Tysabri for me as my first disease modifying therapy. 6 years later, no relapses, no new lesions. My hope is that he tolerates the drug well and can lead a happy life!

    All the best to you and your son.

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