20 years

I have just recently realized its been 20 years since MS entered my life. My kids were 3 months, 2 years and 4. I'm so thankful that I was able to care for my kids and they are all in college now. I haven't had any mobility problems but I have had a lot of cognitive issues.

I've related so much from others about the problems associated with this... forgetting pin number for debit card, getting lost when going somewhere I am not familiar with, don't remember names of new people, difficult time talking in loud situations when everyone is talking. Depression, anxiety... if or when I'm talking it all comes our weird. Or it sounds like I got peanut butter in my mouth (maybe that's dry mouth from anxiety) but I have it often that people will ask... "what did you say?"

I really like routine and almost have a panic attack when leaving home for extended amounts of time. I know that most Relapsing Remitting (if that is what I have) turns into Primary Progressive.

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