I need the help of my MS brothers and sisters To make this event a SUCCESS

2014 North to South Ride for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

Some people have been asking me why I would want to undertake such a large event!

I would like to tell you my story.

I woke up the morning of February 3, 2010 with numbness on the right side of my body. I wrote it off as an issue resulting from a broken neck I suffered in a bicycle accident when I was 13.

I went to work hoping it would go away. I continued to deal with it for a couple days. I... progressively became worse. I went to the doctor three days later. By then I was dragging my right foot and could not lift my right arm. At 42 I thought I had a stroke. The doctor sent me for a neck MRI but it fould nothing but the residual from the old break. He referred me to a Neurologist. I was again given a MRI this time of the brain. On March 10, 2010 I was diagnosed with a inoperable brain stem tumor and given six months to live.

I broke down that day and started discussing my funeral plans with my mother. That night all I could do was pray. I asked God to please leave me on this Earth untill my children became of age to take care of themselves. I prayed that if he would grant my prayer for him to find a way in which I could serve him till that day. Three weeks later I arrived at Vanderbilt University Hospital to see a deep brain surgery specialist. I was again given a MRI to compare to the original. When I met with the specialist he recommended that I wait for a month. If I became worse in that time period he wanted me to come back. If I improved to wait till June and come back. He said the mass was dimenishing.

I continued to improve and made it till the June appointment. Again I was given a MRI and the mass was gone. He referred me to another neurologist for futher testing. On June 12, 2010, my birthday, I was blessed with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. My prayes had been answered. I had a disease I could live with and a purpose to serve God under.

In September 2010 I formed a MS Support Group in Bowling Green, KY. In February 2010 I founded a exercise program for people with MS utilizing the money in my personal bank account. In July 2011 I opend another MS Support Group in my birth town of Hartford, KY. In June 2012 I rode in my first Bike MS Event in KY. I rode even though I had broken my right leg one month before in a softball accident. I made it 22 miles before having to stop from pain.

This year I rode in my second Bike MS KY Event. I made it 38 miles this time even though I was recouperating from MS complications. I still continue to show my MS family that they don't have to give up just because they have a diagnosis .

Please help me make this ride a REALITY!!

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Indiana State Chapter
National Multiple Sclerosis Society Kentucky-Southeast Indiana Chapter
National Multiple Sclerosis Society Mid-South Chapter (Tennessee)
National Multiple Sclerosis Society Alabama-Mississippi Chapter
National Multiple Sclerosis Society North ...Florida Chapter

Bicycle Relay Ride carrying the MS Flag from Gary, Indiana to Panama City Beach Florida!! Do YOU want to be a part of HISTORY and ride a leg of this ride?

Please share this with your FRIENDS all across the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and lets UNITE to RID THE WORLD OF MS ONE PEDAL AT A TIME!

All the funds we raise will be donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society through Bike MS. I am recruiting a MS rider for each leg of this ride. They will be donating to Bike MS in the states in which they live.

God bless you and Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Tim Allen

Oakland, KY

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