77 Degrees in February....What :-)! Planning early for and getting ahead of the heat.

Yesterday it was 77 and sunny here in Philadelphia. We went to the Phil zoo yesterday afternoon, in February...what :-) ?? It was a-mazing!! Loved it!! There was a nice breeze and when the sun clouded over it was a bit chilly...It is still February after all. Today it is 49 LOL..

Yesterday was a very out of the ordinary day for February, one of those "warm-ish" days that come, albeit not usually in February, before it gets too hot and humid for those of us with heat sensitivity and MS. Yesterday got me thinking that now is the time I-WE should start preparing, planning for the next day that will be more than just warm, it will be hot and humid...and my MS body, eyes, brain will not love it, at all.

Today I got out my cooling vest and scarf to double check that it was clean etc. and checked the cooling packs to make sure there were no accidental punctures and put them in the freezer to be ready for that first expected or unexpected hot day. Today I know I'm ready and will be ready to enjoy those outdoor activities by myself and with my family at any time, even if it's another out of the ordinary day for whatever month, heat wave. And I am glad I am.

Today I have my cooling products ready, I know they help. I would rather use them and live my life as an "insider" participating in life than not use them and always be inside staying cool, watching everyone else enjoy life. So that's my choice :-). What's yours?

How do you feel about the hot days to come? Do you have your game plan, your products if you use them ready for those days? Do you know how to get help if you think you can't afford them?

Today I looked into how someone could get help with cooling products if they would like to get them. Of the big three MS non-profits, the NMSS, the MSAA, the MSF, both the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation offer cooling programs for people to get cooling products. And very cool, the MSF offers a "fashion vest" for a bit more style and it's program is available Feb 1st through June 1st. Check out both these programs....

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation... https://msfocus.org/Get-Help/MSF-Programs-Grants/Cooling-Program

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America... https://mymsaa.org/msaa-help/cooling-products/

This was my personal public service announcement (PSA) to anyone interested...plan and prepare now, get ahead start, get ahead of the heat. And enjoy any day at the zoo :-)!

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