A day in the Life of an MSer

Explaining a day in the life of an MSer is so different from person to person and female to male. MS impacts each of us depending on the type of MS and the type of symptoms we face. RRMS versus SPMS versus PPMS day is filled with challenges and one fun surprise after another, then another and another.

OK, all of us MSers know this

I agree one hundred percent, and this article is for those folks who know you have MS yet do not have a clue what you are dealing with. You understand, and I surely know we all face that stare, glaze in the eye, the wonder looks or that just deal with it look.

Let us take a general look at all the fun challenges we face day to day. With some specific things, ladies face that us dudes have not a clue. I know, ladies; how the heck do I know. Well, Facebook is a wonder of knowledge to help educate even me when you ask!

So, tell me a bit about getting ready for the day

Oh, where do we even begin since every minute or hour during the day can present something new or old? Let's look at a basic morning that most, if not all, MSers face when we wake.

To begin, we wake as tired as we went to bed. A simple way to explain is a healthy person wakes with 12 spoons of energy for the day. In comparison, MSers wake with 6 spoons of energy to get through the day—half the energy to complete the same tasks.

Let us get ready for the day, and our fun begins. Shower, get dressed, ladies your makeup, bras, high heels, jewelry clasps, just buttoning a shirt or blouse with numb hands is challenging. We have already used one of six spoons if not more. At the same time, those healthy folks have only used a half of a spoon before the day begins.

We are ready to tackle the drive to begin the day. Let's grab our lunch, canes, walking devices, the wheelchair will need to get around for the day. Out the door and now the challenge to get into our vehicles, lift our legs in or manage to get our wheelchair in.

Another quarter of a spoon is gone, and our healthy folks grab their lunch, and off they go. Healthy folks have used three quarters of a spoon of twelve, and MSers one and half spoons of six is now gone.

Getting ready is done now off we go

Now the challenge is to get through the morning to lunch if we can make it, that is. As the morning moves on, MSers are enjoying getting around the office. Our weak legs, vision issues, memory lapses, writing everything down to make sure we complete our task is exhausting.

As the morning moves on, we have used another half spoon of energy and down to four remaining. MSers are at the point of running your finger along the hallway wall, at least I did anyway, to walk a straight line. Our healthy folks have used four spoons of twelve and flying from one end of the office to the other in a flash.

Lunch arrives, and time to chill

Finally, lunch is here, and thirty minutes to rest, recoup some energy, I hope and refuel. Our counterparts are socializing or utilizing the time to get a jump on the current project.

Healthy folks have used four and a half spoons of twelve with over seven remaining. Msers, even during a break, used another quarter of a spoon, down to three and two-quarter spoons for the day.

Oh, my, let's spoon the remainder of the day

Time to finish up our projects for the day and prepare for tomorrow. As the day moves on MSers have used another spoon and have two and a half spoons to make it through the day and evening. At this point, it's tough to walk, concentrate on our lovely drop foot, and feeling a bit lightheaded and dizzy.

Our counterparts have used another spoon and trucking down the road like there is no tomorrow with six of twelve spoons remaining.

Day has ended time to go

Time to gather up our walking devices, personal belongings and load our wheelchair into our vehicles. Our counterparts grab and run while we MSers will take a while to make sure we have everything, double-check, then struggle to get into our car.

Msers used another spoon, feeling extremely fatigued, fighting pain, struggling with blurry vision, and that lovely cognitive fun. Healthy folks have used up eight spoons with four remaining and MSers down to one and a half to finish the evening and prepare for tomorrow.

Again, we Msers experience a host of other issues I haven't mentioned. It would take several more pages to define everything we face each day. Hopefully, what I have said gives your friend a good idea of what we face

Let's lighten up and share a funny moment

If you have read a few of my stories, I always try to end with a bit of humor. Even though we face challenges, all of us need to enjoy those moments to smile and laugh.

Here we go. The gym I go to was hosting a youth basketball camp for kids seven and older. While I was in the locker room washing my hands, cane against the sink a young boy came in. He looked at me and saw my cane.

He asked, "what is that", I responded "a cane", he asked "can I touch it", I responded "yes". He held the cane then asked "what is it for" I responded, "it helps my balance when I walk", he looked at me puzzled and responded, "Oh, is that because your old", I responded "Kind of", he looked at me and said "oh I got to go bye"

One of those priceless moments in time I will never forget. Thanks for your time, and I hope this story might help someone you know understand what you're dealing with. Until the next time, be safe, enjoy and remember, no matter what we face, find the humor in the moment.

Oh, I got to go bye!

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