A light of Hope!!

My mother was diagnosed with M.S. when I was 20. I watched her struggle with all the medications the doctors recommended. These medications didn't seem to help her and she progressed with this disease.

At the age of 27 I was diagnosed with M.S. (thirteen years ago). How did I have the same disease my mother did? I had been a dancer my entire life, the fear of ending up in a wheelchair like her was raw and real. My symptoms were numbness (like a tuning fork from my feet to my shoulders). I was diagnosed by the very neurologist who diagnosed Montel Williams. He put me on Avonex. I took avonex and became very sick. I could barely sit up after the shots. The flu symptoms seemed to linger for many days and then it was time for another shot. I was still experiencing numbness and optic neuritis off and on.

I moved to Hawaii and found a holistic dentist/doctor. He had me quit my medication. He removed all my mercury fillings and even recommended removing root canal teeth. I learned that mercury spreads throughout our body and leads to neurological diseases and root canals are an infection that continues to spread throughout your body as well. I was determined to do what I needed to be as strong as I could be. I started to eat healthier. I became pregnant with my daughter. My pregnancy went great and my delivery was easy. I nursed her for 18 months and did wonderful during that time. When I quit nursing her my symptoms returned. I had optic neuritis, numbness and pain throughout my body.

My husband said that I needed to get on medication, not only for myself, but our family. I had 2 children to take care of. I said a prayer and asked God to help me find something natural that would help me fight this disease. I searched on the internet and found a youtube video about Elaine Delack and Prokarin. I cried like a baby, it was like divine intervention. I found more information on Prokarin and I read all I could find and watched videos of patients who had success with it. I have been on Prokarin now for over 5 years. These five years have been the best of my life with multiple sclerosis!! I work full-time, I live my life as though I don't have M.S. I think of it when I put my patch on every morning. I continue to eat healthy (no MSG, steroids, antibiotics, dye in foods)and limit my time in the sun/heat.

I keep a positive attitude, our minds are very powerful! I think thoughts that are positive and will keep me going, I live a positive life. I remember that Someone out there is hurting more than me. I felt guilty reading stories and hearing of people with M.S. who are having a hard time. So this is me, not feeling guilty it is me passing on the information of what has helped me in hopes to help someone else!!! Prokarin may not work for everyone, it responds better to those who are heat sensitive. I live in Texas and do very well. It is a histamine patch based on research started long ago and continued by Elaine Delack. It has been around over 15 years. Do your research before taking any medication. Be you own advocate! Find what works for you. I wanted everyone with M.S. or family members with M.S. to know that you can have this disease and do very well with it. Don't think of the worst case scenario, think of future and the amazing life you will live with this disease!! Blessings to all of you and stay positive and strong on your journey with M.S.!!!

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