A Wonderful Life!

Hi, I'm Bob from Kansas City, the city I had the great fortune to have experienced as a young man. I was an active person, however, I wasn't able to compete in athletics because of unknown illnesses.

I matured, and seemed to outgrow the illness that plagued Me. My activity level increased and was able to excel in skiing, and cycling. Once I joined the Navy, after a couple of years of college. I was gaining confidence that anything was achievable. My career was exciting as an Aircrewman, and Acoustic System's Operator.

The Summer before I joined the service, I was working a summer job. I was involved in an accident, and received a concussion as the result. They kept Me for observation overnight for high BP. Once I left the hospital, I commented to My Mother, "That everything seemed different. Remember this for the final prognosis that My VA neurologist just informed Me of after 8 years since being diagnosed with MS.

This time period was the mid 1970's, You know the land of disco and Pacers. I did very well working and enjoying life until September, 2005. I had advanced My career as an equipment operator, and was an automobile operator. I enjoyed this profession very much, and the perks were rewarding. I had just returned to My home base Boise, ID the night before feeling great. The next morning I felt tired and slightly lethargic? As the day progressed I felt confused, tired, and slightly paralyzed throughout My body. I went to My GP, My BP was jumping from low to high within seconds. So the tests started with the cardiovascular series with no prognosis. I was 47 and In top condition, also able to ski all day long. So I went to myy first Neurologist, and the MRI and Spinal Puncture. Of course the results were positive, I chose not to under go therapies. Instead, I relied upon relaxation techniques from Qui Gong, and Thai Chi.

Last spring I suffered the worst exacerbation in 6 years. I was not sure what was happening, and what seemed to work was failing. The triggers can come after us in the strangest ways, I had allowed Myself to lose Zen!

So, I forced the VA to help and figure out My new problem. So I had a regular MRI and a NOVA-VEP test because I have Blankouts and vision spots. My Neuro informed Me that I have CTE with MS, working in concert.

My Sweetie Jackie has been by My side for the last 8 years, and unfortunately became disabled 2 years ago herself. We plan on moving back to Idaho this year, to go camping and Fly Fishing. Our two Dachshunds for protection in the mountains. Ha Ha!

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