After 15 Years Since Last Attack Got a Nasty Flare Up. Adderall Is Amazing.

I’m 54 years old, divorced, live alone. I’m on SSDI for 16 years but work part time to make ends meet. I have only had 2 attacks in my life. In 1999 got optic neuritis in left eye was blind 3 months then all good :) Then 3 months later I got double vision couldn’t move left eye and lost all feeling on my right side. I never took steroids; it lasted 8 months. I lost a bit of left eye but not bad.

Started taking Adderall

I took Copaxone for 8 years but it took away my immune system. With no MS issues I went off it. Been off all MS modifying meds since. I take Klonopin I have bad anxiety and I started taking Adderall 40 mg a day and omg I can run 5 miles and no brain fog! But recently haven’t been feeling well. Nauseous, hot, chills had tests no infections, no COVID. And then my left eye started to hurt couldn’t focus. I didn’t take Adderall for a few days just wanting to rest and sleep. That was a mistake!! When I took Adderall again my eye could actually focus much better!! Still have bit nauseous but my energy is back and I feel much better!

Seeing a neurologist next week

I’m waiting to get MRI but with my state going back in lockdown don’t know when that will be. I don’t know if I should take an MS modified med due to fact it takes your immune system away with COVID out there. Idk what is out there now. I’m seeing a neurologist this week wish me luck!! Lisa

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